PU Foam for Construction/Building Use
It is one-component polyurethane foam which expands and cures through absorption of moisture from the air. The product is recommended for mounting windows and construction projects. The product is available in gun/pipe applied version and with a manual adaptor.


· Suitable for building insulation and installation applications, can be used for bonding, fixing, filling, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, insulation, sealing, moisture proof, dust proof, etc

Shelf life

12 months.


· The normal applicable temperature of the tank is 5℃~35℃, the best operating temperature is 18℃ ~ 25"℃, and the temperature resistance range after curing is -30 ℃ ~ 80℃.

· The surface is not sticky after spraying for 10 minutes, and can be treated after curing for 60 minutes.

· Can be firmly adhered to most of the material surface (not including Teflon, silicone and other materials). If facing on metal parts, the surface shall be coated.

· Has good elasticity, can effectively buffer, disperse impact force.

· Resistant to weak acid, alkali and aging.

· After curing, the product does not have any damage to human body, does not contain CFC and is ozone-destructive.


750 ml/pc, 15 pc/carton.