JM Business Strategy-“4+1”

“Big silicone sealant era”, Jingmao has established the development strategy of "4+1", among which "4" include national infrastructure construction, urbanization process construction, family interior decoration integration, industrial and customized sealant for specific fields;"1" refers to the export business of silicone sealant .


Jingmao "4+1" strategic silicone sealant products include national construction sealant, real estate construction sealant, industrial special sealant, color sealant, silicone sealant inspection and testing business. Level 4 silicone sealant market is committed to ensuring the "big silicone era” of national construction sealant, sealant for urban construction, family personalized decorative sealant, industrial special sealant, export silicone sealant business.


The commercialization of silicone sealant market provides strong support for technological innovation of enterprises, and helps Jingmao create a "new growth pole" in the era of "big silicone sealant".