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JM Profile

Shandong Jingmao New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, is the advocate of professional manufacturing color silicone sealant, the production of various neutral, acetic silicone sealant, and other weather-resistant sealant and structural sealant, customers all over the country and abroad, established a good reputation and credibility. At the same time, Jingmao has maintained close communication and cooperation with various excellent enterprises of silicone sealant and industrial sealant in China, and is committed to building a high-end enterprise of R&D, production and service of silicone sealant in China.


Jingmao established Shandong Jingmao New Material Co., Ltd in cooperation with Shandong Sanyi Group Co., Ltd. The current capacity is 50,000 tons/year, covers an area of 30,000 square meters. The first phase investment is more than 60 million RMB for the new plant infrastructure, investment of more than 20 million RMB for equipment upgrading, the follow-up 5 years investment will be more than 200 million RMB. We will be the biggest silicone sealant production enterprise in north of China, to the completion of the 2030 decade planning, Jingmao will become the flagship representative enterprise of China silicone sealant industry, Jingmao will join hands with you to witness "the rise of China's silicone sealant industry"!

Jingmao insist on value drivers of the guiding ideology, the business demands as the core, actively carry out large midfielder platform operation, in the big customer, dealer, e-business, the end user in the different demands of customers, such as in-depth analysis, accurate delivery, through a variety of effective medium for product promotion, to use for silicone sealant in all different industries.


JingMao will give full play to their own advantages, adhering to the "with the market, management and the world" the enterprise idea, the ongoing technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and management innovation to continue to develop more meet the demands of the future development of all kinds of silicone sealant products, promote the development of silicone sealant, with a positive attitude to meet the advent of the era of "big silicone sealant". At the same time, we will also rely on our own technology and financial strength with domestic and foreign counterparts, universities, research institutes and other active scientific research projects of "production, university, research" cooperation, Shandong Jingmao New Material Co., Ltd. is looking forward to sincere cooperation with people from all over the world, seek common development, together to witness the rise of China's silicone sealant industry!